Great Oak Equine
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Stephen Tusha  952-232-7115                        P O Box 115
Connie Tusha  952-221-4779                           Plato, MN  55370
Our stalls are designed to be functional, attractive, and safe for your horse. You can choose solid oak stalls or metal frame with oak inserts. 

Every stall order is customized to your needs so tell us the size of the stall, stall door and partitions and if you'd like sliding doors or swing out doors. These are complete stalls; with the metal frame you get the stall door, track, rollers, guides, and double layer of oak boards with beveled edges. Along with the stalls you may want to order Dutch doors and add floor grids to keep the stall floor level and dry. 

There are so many possible combinations of stall sizes and types that it's easier if you call to discuss the options you want and get a complete quote.
Customized stalls are no problem no matter the size of your horse. 
Payment terms & how to order - go to Questions tab