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Great Oak Equine                                            P O Box 115    Plato, MN  55370
We Sell Lumber for Your Projects
We build all of our products using rough sawn northern white oak lumber and we can supply oak lumber for your farm improvement projects:

*New Construction                                    *Tack Rooms
*Remodeling                                                  *Fencing
*Repairs                                                           *Feed & Hay Storage
*Landscaping                                               *Wind Shelters
*Stall Walls                                                    *Board & Batten Siding

​Our lumber is full dimension; that means when you request a 1"x6"x8' board, it's 1 1/8" thick, the full width, and 8'4" long or longer.

Why White Oak?
If you've never experienced the density of white oak, you'll be impressed. The most frequent comment we hear when people see our products is, "I had no idea they'd be this strong". White oak is one of the densest hardwoods available so you can expect it to last 35-40 years (that's a conservative estimate, it's probably 50-60 years or longer). There's no maintenance to oak lumber, you don't need to treat it to improve longevity. You can paint or stain to match existing wood on your farm or leave it alone and it will weather to it's natural color and last many, many years. 

White oak contains a natural ingredient called tannin that is a preservative but also has an acidic taste so horses don't like the bitter taste of the wood. And the drier the oak is, the stronger the bitter taste.  If you've seen what horses do to pine, you'll understand why it's important to use wood they won't chew. 

Not sure how much lumber you need for the project you're planning? Call us and we can estimate the quantities for you.​  To get the most affordable shipping cost, plan ahead and get the materials for the entire project. 

1x6x8'        $8.25 each
2x6x8'        $13.40 each
2x12x8'      $29.65 each
4x4x8'        $21.50 each
4x6x8'        $26.50 each

Custom dimensions available, call for pricing on the sizes you need. 

1x6" cutoffs  $1.50 each
these are cutoffs from the lumber we use for round pens. They vary in length from 18" to 24" and are great for many types of projects. 

If oak is available and affordable, why not use it instead of other wood that won't last as long, isn't as strong, and is less attractive over time?