Great Oak Equine
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Quality Features of Our Products
We welcome comparisons of our pens to metal round pens because we're confident about the quality of what we build. Remember that what we have is very different from the other pens available - a simple price comparison does not tell the whole story.

We build all of our products using rough sawn northern white oak lumber with full dimensions. That means that a board that's 1"x6"x8' REALLY IS 1"x6"x8'. In fact, it's nearly always thicker than 1", usually 1 1/8", and the full width. If you've never experienced the density of white oak, you'll be impressed. The most frequent comment we hear when people see the panels is, "I had no idea they'd be this strong".

White oak is one of the densest hardwoods available so you can expect round pens to last 35-40 years (that's a conservative estimate), panels won't bend, kink or rust and horses don't like to crib on white oak because it has an acidic taste - all good reasons why our round pens last a LONG time. 

The hardware (hinges, pins, brackets, door latches) are  built in our blacksmith shop so they are heavy-duty and built to last over the long haul.  We're known for over-building and that's also true of our hardware. 

Part of the design process at Great Oak Equine is eliminating  opportunities for injury. The spacing of the boards in our round pens is designed to cut down on the chance that a head or foot will go through the panel. Our solid bottom panels are one of the best ways to insure safety, especially when working with young horses, because there's no open space on the lower part of the panels. They're also great for roping, cutting or branding calves because there are less distractions. 

The inside of the panels are smooth to prevent injury to your horse. We use bolts in the construction of our products and cap the ends on the outside (nails aren't safe and there's no way to drive a nail through white oak).

Compare the look of our panels with metal panels - we hope you appreciate the appearance and safety of the products we build. 
We don't have an assembly line, there are no cookie cutter products here. Every order is custom built, built by hand and built based on the conversations we've had with customers about what they want.

When you call Great Oak Equine, you'll talk to an owner of the company and we do our best to meet the needs of our customers because your satisfaction is our reputation. 

Sometimes it's not all about price - sometimes it's about having quality that you can afford. 
Work, Ride, Enjoy!