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Hitching Rail    $175
Built of white oak 4x4's, 8' long, strong enough to hold a draft horse

Mounting Blocks
We build small mounting blocks that sell for $175 or a larger mounting block that can be customized to suit your needs. The large one pictured here is $2950 and includes a bench and a saddle rack on the back side. 
Stall or Kennel Floor Grids
​$15.00 each
Place grids on the floor of the stall or kennel area, fill with gravel/dirt, cover with mats or bedding. The grid system adds  support so there's less stress on the animal's joints, evens out the surface underneath and in kennels the grids prevent digging. 
Wash/Grooming Stand              $975

It's portable so it can be moved and set up wherever you need it for washing or grooming your horse. Finished size is 10' x 10'.

We suggest that you purchase the floor grid system to go along with the wash stand. The floor grids will keep the wash area dry and easier to manage. Add $350 to the cost of the wash stand to get the grids needed. 
Tack Cabinet     $985

The cabinet is a great place to store tack, grooming tools, fly spray, medicine, or treats so they're easy to reach and everything stays dry and clean. Set it in the barn, tack room, garage, outdoors, and it really works great to hang on a panel of  the round pen so you have what you need while you're working with the horses. The roof is angled so water will run off if it's outside and the door latch (yes, we build the latches and hinges) is tight so the contents stay protected.  Dimensions are 24" wide x 16" deep x 48" tall.

We love to build round pens, arenas and stalls but there are other products we've designed for you and your horse that we think you'll really like. 
Other Equine Products
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