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Oak Fencing - traditional rail or panels 
Fencing is an investment in your property so choose material that gives the look you want with the features you want. White oak has a rustic, natural appearance, is sturdy enough to use for cattle or horse pens, will last for many years without deteriorating and is low maintenance. 

Whatever your fencing needs, we'll help you choose the best fence for your property and your budget. We can help you with the layout so you know how much material to purchase. 
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Oak Panels

Panels are 8' long with hardware attached so fewer posts are needed and you can have a 16' opening anywhere on the fence line. Place a 4x4x8' post every 24 feet. The price includes panels, hardware and posts.

4' tall panels       $17.90 per running foot
5' tall panels       $19.90 per running foot
6' tall panels       $21.90 per running foot

Traditional Rail Fence

Prices for rail fence include 1"x6"x8' rails, 4"x4"x8' posts, and screws.

4-rail fencing                $7.85 per running foot

3-rail fencing                $6.95 per running foot

2-rail fencing                $5.65 per running foot

    Fence Gates Price List
(hardware, hinges & latches included)
                                                                                          4-rail                    3-rail
        5' single gate                                       $155                     $145
        6' single gate                                       $165                     $155
        8' split gate (two 4' gates)            $225                     $215
        10' split gate (two 5' gates)          $265                     $255
        12' split gate (two 6' gates)          $325                     $315

Custom gate sizes are available for either type of fence - call for prices.
Payment terms & how to order - go to Questions tab