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Hay/Grain Feeders
Your horse spends more time standing at the feeder than under a saddle so a sturdy feeder that cuts down on wasted hay is a wise investment. The slats in our feeders are spaced to limit the amount of hay horses can pull out so less goes on the ground. There's a grain trough, doors that open on the ends for easy filling, and feeders are built on skids so you can move them. 

Worried that your horses will chew on the feeder? Don't be. Northern white oak has a bitter taste that horses don't like. 
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4' long x 4' wide x 6' tall, holds approx. 3 small square bales, feeds 2 horses            $575            with cover   $820

4' long x 6' wide x 6' tall, holds approx. 5 small square bales, feeds 4 horses            $975            with cover    $1,350

4' long x 8' wide x 6' tall, holds approx. 8 small square bales, feeds 6 horses            $1,275        with cover    $1,760
Big Bale Feeder                                    $1,475
Holds one large square bale                      
Covered Round Bale Feeder   $2950

Holds one standard round bale. Horses pull less hay out so there's less waste on the ground. We estimate the feeder pays for itself in 18-24 months with the amount of hay saved from waste.

Open the doors to load the round bale, the doors are secured at the bottom so horses can't get in the feeder. Built on skids so it can be moved. The cover keeps hay dry. Feeds 4 horses at one time. 
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