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Great Oak Equine                                            P O Box 115    Plato, MN  55370
We know that dogs are often an important part of the family and the farm (they are for us) so we build products  that are safe, sturdy and will last a very long time. 
Dog Agility Equipment 

Ramp                                       $375

See-Saw                                   $325

Grooming Table                     $200
Canine Products Quality Control Team taking a break from their hard work. 
Floor Grid System
The floor grids are great in dog kennels as well as stalls. Set the grids on the ground or floor, fill with gravel or sand, and cover with mats or bedding. The grids are very sturdy and will give cushion for the animal's joints as well as preventing digging of the dirt in the kennel. The cost for the grids is $3/sq. ft.
Dog Kennel Panels
The panels are built of white oak and connect with hinges and pins. The gate frames are 6' wide x 8' tall with the interior gates being the same height as the panels. Choose from 4' tall, 5' tall or 6' tall panels; if you need a custom size, ask for pricing. These are examples of standard kennel sizes, pricing is available for other dimensions. The price includes one entrance gate unless otherwise noted.

                                                              4' tall                                 5' tall                                   6' tall                              
​    8 x 16                                      $795                                   $855                                   $915
    16 x 24                                    $1,119                                $1,209                                $1,299
    24 x 24                                   $1,227                                $1,327                                $1,427
    22 x 32 (2 gates)                $1,698                                $1,828                               $1,958        
This is a corner post on a metal kennel panel; a safety issue that won't happen with the kennel panels we build
Dog Shelters
We'll build the size of shelter you need for your canine friends. A floor, windows, door and it's covered - they'll love it. 
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