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At Great Oak Equine, we design and build products as if we are going to use them for our horses. We consider the safety and comfort of the horse, ease of use for the owner, durability, value, and appearance. It all comes together to produce functional products that are attractive. 
​Work, Ride, Enjoy!

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A great gift idea for your favorite horse person - a set of cross ties. Sturdy, attractive, and practical. 
$95 for a set of two rings, $13 to ship 1-4 rings anyplace in the U.S. 
We use white oak for all of our products because of it's strength, durability, appearance and it has a bitter taste that horses don't like - no chewing! It lasts longer than treated lumber, it's low maintenance and the rustic appearance makes it seem like a natural place to spend time with your horse.
For orders placed during November
50' solid bottom round pen & 5' entrance gate: pay $300 down, $150/month for 36 months OR two 12'x12' Cowboy Stalls: $266 down, $133/month for 36 months. Call for details on financing and get the round pen or stalls you want!
Our round pens are portable, you don't need posts in the ground. The round pen, arena, and fencing panels we build connect with hinges and pins (all hardware is built in our welding shop) so set up is simple and panels can be moved anytime.